Viferon Gel 36000ME, Interferon alpha-2b, 36000IU/g, 12g


Active ingridient: Interferon alpha-2b

Dosage: 36000IU/1g

Formulation: Gel

Quantity: 12 g

Manufacturer: Manufacturer: FERON LLC


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Pharmacological properties
Recombinant human interferon alpha-2b has potent antiviral, antiproliferative and immunomodulatory effects. It inhibits replication of RNA and DNA containing viruses. Interferon mediated antibacterial activity is related to its immunomodulatory properties, such as increasing macrophage phagocytic activity and specific lymphocytes cytotoxicity to target cells.
Citric and benzoic acids and alpha-tocopherol acetate enhance specific antiviral activity of interferon alpha-2b and its immunomodulating effect, what makes immune response to infectious agents more effective.
The product has potent local immunomodulating effect and facilitates increase in secretory class IgA local antibodies preventing fixation and reproduction of pathogens on mucosa, which results in prevention of viral and other diseases.
Gel base provides for the product’s prolonged action. The pharmaceutical form antioxidants including citric and benzoic acids and alpha-tocopherol acetate have anti-inflammatory, membrane stabilizing and regenerating effects, contributes to maintenance of biological activity of recombinant human interferon alpha-2b.

Therapeutic indications
– for complex therapy of ARVIs including influenza and frequent and long-lasting ARVIs, particularly those complicated by bacterial infections;
– for prevention of ARVIs including influenza;
– for complex therapy of relapsing obstructive laryngotracheobronchitis;
– for prevention of relapsing obstructive laryngotracheobronchitis;
– for complex therapy of acute and exacerbated chronic herpetic infection, including genital Herpes simplex virus infection; and
– for complex therapy of herpetic cervicitis.

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