Lifferon, Interferon Alfa-2b (analogue: Intron A), lyophilisate for injections, 1000000IU x 5 vials


Active ingridients: Interferon Alfa-2b

Dosage: 1000000IU/Vial

Formulation: Lyophilisate (Powder) for injections

Quantity: 5 Vials

Manufacturer: Vector-Medica

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Interferon alfa-2b injection is used to treat hepatitis B and C, lymphoma (lymph node cancer), malignant melanoma (skin cancer), genital warts, hairy cell leukemia (blood cell cancer), and Kaposi sarcoma (AIDS-related tumor). Interferons are substances produced by cells in the body to help fight infections and tumors. Interferon alfa-2b is a synthetic (man-made) version of these substances.

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