Actovegin, Hemoglobin glutamer (WHO) injection, 40 mg/mL, 5 mL X 10 ampoules, Austria


Active ingridient: Hemoglobin glutamer (Hemoglobinum glutamerum)

Dosage: 40 mg/mL (200 mg/ampoule)

Formulation:  Injection (5 mL ampoule)

Quantity: 10 ampoules

Manufacturer: Takeda

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Actovegin is a highly filtered extract obtained from calf blood which enhances aerobic oxidation in mammals. This improves absorption of glucose and oxygen uptake in tissue, which may enhance physical performance and stamina.
Actovegin can be used for circulation and nutrition disturbances, skin grafting, burns, and wound-healing impairment. Actovegin has also been used as a performance enhancer.

It has been investigated for use in treatment of polyneuropathy in diabetes,and for stroke.One study found that when tissues suffer from hypoxia caused circulation abnormalities, Actovegin helps capillaries improve circulation by enhancing the neogenic mechanism in blood vessels.

There are reports suggesting that Actovegin have ergogenic ability, but this has been ruled out by a high quality scientific study.

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