Do you need a prescription to buy a medicine?
No prescription is required to purchase on our website, since all the products are commercially available in the originating country.

How long does delivery take?
Normally, the delivery takes about 9-25 business days. We realize that for many, it is quite a long time, so please plan in advance the time and the amount of medicines you want to buy, whenever possible. If you need to immediately start taking medications, buy those at your local pharmacy and calculate the amount so that it is enough for the short haul.

As far as I can see, all the inscriptions on the medicine package are in a foreign language,
apparently, the instructions inside are also in a foreign language. How do I take the medicine?
Yes, indeed, all medicines that you buy from us are manufactured for the Russian domestic market; thus, we save your money by giving you the opportunity to get the same product for much less money. All medicines should be taken exactly the same as their expensive counterparts, provided that the content of the active ingredients is the same.

Example: 1 pill Lipitor 10 mg Pfizer totally matches 1 pill Atorvastatin 10 mg. TEVA Israel and is taken accordingly. The active ingredient of both drugs is Atorvastatin; in both cases, its content is 10 mg, i.e. it is the same. Attention: the dosage is listed in the description on our website; read it before you buy.

Why are the prices much lower and how does it affect the quality?
Historically, medicines have been cheaper in Russia. It does not affect the quality of products; however, the Russian medicine quality control is regulated by the internationally accepted standards that are very high. More about the quality…

Do you ship just about any drugs?
We do not sell and ship strong painkillers, sleeping pills, antidepressants and other neuropsychiatric drugs, drugs for weight control and loss of appetite, illegal drugs and their derivatives.


Are there drugs without generic analogues?
Provided a drug is under protection of a patent right, no generic analogue may be manufactured. There are cases when a generic alternative is accepted for manufacture in one
country while still being prohibited in the other.