About Us


CherryPharmacy is a young and ambitious project, which has brought together a number of specialists in the various fields, such as pharmacists, programmers, and sales managers.

The purpose and mission of our project is to make medicines more affordable throughout the world.

It is known that in some countries the cost of drugs is pretty high. The reason for this is that instead of setting the price based on the production costs, as well as adequate trade allowance, the price is very often stems from the greed of the pharmaceutical manufacturer and the current competitive environment.

See for yourself. The price of multivitamins that contain several tens of synthetic substances relatively complex in manufacturing averages $ 10, while other drugs containing only one active ingredient, such as cardiac medications, cost $ 200; their popular generic is usually about $ 80, which is also very expensive. Do not forget to add the cost of medical appointment – the amount will increase significantly.

Many pharmaceutical companies not produce of active ingredients, sometimes, they are not even involved in the manufacture. The range of issues they deal with includes working with patents, certification, logistics, procurement of components, packaging design, marketing, setting up a network of representative offices, and placement of orders for the production of medicines under their own brand.

Pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors and convert them into drug distributors lobbying their interests. It is quite possible that your family doctor is on the list…

And here is a list of the companies that manufacture ingredients for medications:

  • Akhil Healthcare Pvt. ltd. India
  • Arevipharma GmbH. Germany
  • CinnaGen. Iran
  • Colorcon. Great Britain
  • HARKE Pharma GmbH. Germany
  • Lee Pharma Ltd. India
  • Natural Capsules Limited. India
  • Novastell. France
  • SUANFARMA S.A.U. Spain
  • CAPSUGEL. Belgium

Show it to your doctor; it is very likely that he/she has never encountered any of those brands, while his patients constantly use their products contained in the components of popular drugs.

By purchasing generics from Russia, you get high-quality products and save money.



CherryPharmacy team